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Founded in 2019, Jetsborder revolutionized business aviation by inventing a new way to fly: access to a global fleet with a real fight against deforestation and 200% carbon emissions.

Available 24/7, arrange every aspect of any flight itinerary for a seamless connection around the world.

Jetsborder offers global aircraft services unlike any other company in private aviation. With unparalleled experience flying into and out of the hardest to reach destinations, Jetsborder has arranged for heads of state, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and private individuals to fly to 180 countries worldwide.

Every flight is tailored to ensure seamless travel with maximum efficiency so clients can be in more meetings or locations within the shortest period of time.

Jetsborder is committed to transforming the world around us. Each reservation made includes a minimum of 200% carbon compensation, without increasing prices. Our customers contribute at no extra cost, by booking, to supporting the fight against deforestation with unrivaled services.

JetsBorder offers users unlimited access to a larger fleet, wherever you are in the world, and the opportunity to benefit from the highest standards of service and operations in private aviation.

We understand that you need a trustworthy travel partner and we care about the quality of services you receive when traveling by private jet. At JetsBorder, we promise you a pleasant, safe, luxurious, hassle-free and worry-free travel experience while providing better value for money on every flight.

Jetsborder is made up of customer service dedicated to each of its users, individuals and businesses. We won't hang up without providing you with real assistance.


Jetsborder places the safety, security and wellbeing of customers and staff above all else and offers the highest global standard for business aviation operators. Jetsborder holds the highest safety ratings across flight operations, aircraft maintenance, safety risk‑assessment and compliance standards.

A global collaborators team looking after each and every passenger.

  • 1,000+ aviation experts

  • A diverse team of over 60 nationalities

  • To ensure top performance, every crew member is monitored against circadian rhythm to ensure ample rest and a flight risk assessment is undetaken before every flight.

  • Every pilot holds an EASA type rating for the aircraft they fly, to ensure maximum familiarity and instinctive reactions to any situation.

  • Each Pilot-in-Command has a flown a minimum of 3,000 hours, received over 40 hours of classroom and trained for 28 hours of simulator training prior to conducting supervised operational experience of 10 to 20 flights.

  • All Jetsborder Cabin Hosts have a minimum of three years of First Class or equivalent experience prior to joining the company and come from culturally diverse backgrounds; speaking on average two to three languages.



With tens of companies offering flights and private jet memberships, it’s critical to book from a reputable company. Research how long they’ve been operating and ask for legal registration documents, such as:

  • United States: FAA Air Carrier Certificate (which shows FAA approval for commercial flight use and safety standards) and D085 (an FAA listing that defines which aircraft can legally be used for private jet charter services).

  • Europe: EASA Certification testifies that an aircraft meets the rigorous safety requirements set by the European Union.

  • China: Air Operator Certificate by CAAC: provides the basis for CAAC to regulate the activities of an operator and it is the means by which an air operator is authorised to conduct commercial air transport operations./p>


Since 2019 Jetsborder has been the first agency in private aviation to offset 200% of the carbon of its flights thanks to its customers' reservations at no additional cost to them.

We use very strict standards and we do not use aircraft more than 15 years old. In the coming years we will reduce to 10 years.

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