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Cards are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, particularly in the event of loss/theft.
In the event of loss, theft or destruction, the card remains active until the renewal date. Once the renewal is done, we will simply replace the card with a new card number.


Our sales policy strictly prohibits the resale of Cards in any form. As a penalty clause, any finding established by Jetsborder of a violation by the Customer of one of its obligations may result, on the initiative of Jetsborder, in the immediate payment of a contractual penalty in the amount of 25 000 € excluding VAT, not releasing any compensation that may be due to him for the damage suffered.


At any time, the account holder or a third party acting on his behalf (upon presentation of proof: death, guardianship, etc.) may request the termination of the account: the card(s) attached (s) is then deactivated and the advantages remain active until the anniversary date of obtaining the card. After this date, all its benefits will be lost.


The Black Card Experience program provides benefits and services to loyal Jetsborder customers. This program assumes that the cardholder abides by the terms and conditions of the program and behaves fairly towards Jetsborder.


Consequently :

  • any breach of these terms and conditions,

  • any misuse or fraudulent use of the benefits and services offered by the program,

  • any action likely to disrupt the operation of the program,

  • any falsification of the information transmitted by the cardholder or a third party acting on his behalf,

  • and more generally any behavior prejudicial to the interests of the company Jetsborder, will automatically lead to the termination of its card, and the loss of the advantages and this without any compensation, nor damages of any nature whatsoever. claimed from Jetsborder or its founder Philippe Crève-Coeur.

In view of the foregoing, the Jetsborder Company also reserves the right to take any measure or initiate any action (including legal action) that it deems necessary.


The monthly offer commits you for 12 renewable months and can be canceled at this time.

The annual offer can also be canceled at any time. However, your privileges remain active until the anniversary date of the subscription.

More than 400 offers will be available each month exclusively for "Black Card Experience" cardholders. Prices starting at €700 (one completely free flight per year). The offers remain non-exchangeable and non-refundable (except in the event of cancellation by the operator). Your transfers from your home to the airport remain free during the validity of the card (valid on flights booked with Jetsborder ).

Regarding requests for so-called "traditional" flights, in addition to offering you the best prices, additional reductions will be applied up to 20%.

Benefits may be added throughout the year.

Following attempts at fraud against us, the monthly offer will be 100% accessible to you from the third monthly payment (or from the first with a caution of 3 500£ will be required. refundable from your fourth monthly payment).

Depending on the availability of shared flights, your companion will be billed at the member price at your first flight with Jetsborder and additional passengers will be billed at a preferential but more expensive price.


Then you will have access to 100% of your benefits without any restrictions.


The JetsBorder group is exonerated from any responsibility for all the direct or indirect consequences of any anomalies or malfunctions of the card, account, website, whatever their causes.

In the event of a dispute, only the information contained in the Jetsborder database will prevail, unless proven otherwise.

Jetsborder Group will not delete your flight reservation or benefits for no reason.

All or part of the benefits and services of the program, as well as the terms of use and validity, may be modified at any time unilaterally by the Jetsborder Group and its founder Philippe Crève-coeur, without notice, without any claim, neither compensation of any kind whatsoever may be demanded either by the cardholder, or the co-holder, or by any third party.

​By subscribing to an offer you also accept the general conditions of this offer.

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