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Dernière mise à jour : 12 mars 2020

A long-term commitment to climate action in support of NET-ZERO 2050 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on climate change.


Each reservation includes a minimum of 200% compensation, which equates to approximately 0.3% of the cost of a reservation. All this while keeping our prices cheaper, because it is up to us to make efforts, and not only to you. Customers who wish to pay to compensate a higher amount of 400%, 800% or more, can do so on request. The carbon credits we obtain come from the main accredited global suppliers:

Carbon offsetting cancels (or offsets) the same amount of carbon emissions that you release into the atmosphere, with a carbon credit equal to one tonne of CO2. Compensation is created by supporting clean energy projects and funding activities that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, such as reducing deforestation in Zambia and installing biogas in China and India. To compensate for air travel, the total emissions from fuel consumption are calculated in tonnes and the carbon credit equivalent is purchased.

The Lower Zambezi REDD + project, which supports environmental education initiatives, is just one example of the many programs in place around the world. Many offset projects are located in developing countries, providing additional socio-economic benefits.

Learn more about the projects on their site

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